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Previous Credits:

Paul Vernon Lydiate, the founder of Munin Productions Ltd, served as the Special Events Co-ordinator for The Vikings (the UK's largest Dark-Ages Re-enactment Society) from 1990 to 2001. During this period he was responsible for securing and organising all the Society's major live events in addition to handling all the Society's film and TV appearances. In the course of the latter he has filled various production roles with a number of production companies. The role Paul played never fit comfortably within the standard credits used by the UK Film & TV industry, however, with the result his varied credits include 'Re-Enactment Co-ordinator', 'Re-Enactment Consultant', 'Producer for the The Vikings', 'Recreations Advisor' and so on. Basically, his roles fell into one of the two categories outlined below which, for reasons of clarity, have been used throughout

CROWD CO-ORDINATOR: Responsible for securing the required number of people with the required costumes and props and ensuring that they appear at the right place at the right time.

FIELD PRODUCER: An American term with no real UK equivalent. Encompasses the responsibilities of the Crowd Co-ordinator above together with further responsibilities such as research, casting, securing locations and accommodation, animal and vehicle hire, insurance provision, location catering and so on.

The Battle of Maldon 1991 Anglia TV:

A programme made to coincide with live-action Battle of Maldon Millennium celebrations, scripted and produced by Paul.

Field Producer

The Viking Wars 1993 Cromwell Productions:

A 55-minute video in the Campaigns in History series, later broadcast on The Learning Channel. Filmed on location at the island of Lindisfarne in conjunction with the live-action Lindisfarne 1200 celebrations, also scripted and organised by Paul.

Field Producer


The Roman Invasions 1993 Cromwell Productions:

A 55-minute video in the Campaigns in History series, later broadcast on The Learning Channel. Much of the footage was re-used for Boudica (produced by Cromwell for their History Makers series in the following year) and some has also featured in a Time Team Special on Channel 4.

Writer/Field Producer


Alfred the Great 1994 Cromwell Productions:

A 55-minute video in the History Makers series, later broadcast on The Learning Channel and recently (2005) recycled for ITV3.

Field Producer

The Vikings 1994:

Paul scripted and produced this 5' promotional video from footage from the Viking Wars and Alfred the Great above. It has been instrumental in securing film and TV work for The Vikings ever since.

Writer/Off-Line Editor

The Normans 1995 Seventh Art Productions:

A 30-minute programme in the Ancient Warriors series, later broadcast on The Learning Channel.

Field Producer


Timewatch: Evidence of Vikings 1995 BBC:

A 60-minute documentary in the Timewatch series now regularly repeated on UKTV History.

Field/Assistant Producer


History of Warfare 1995 Yorkshire/Tyne Tees:

A 10-minute film which serves as an introduction to the Royal Armouries in Leeds, footage from which has since been used in a number of documentaries.

Crowd Co-ordinator

The Detectives (Fur Coat and No Knickers) 1995 Celador Productions:

A programme in BBC1's The Detectives series with Jasper Carrott and Robert Powell.

Crowd Co-ordinator

Food and Drink 1995 Bazal Productions:

Paul arranged for Ainsley Harriot, the programme's "roving chef", be trained, costumed and outfitted in order that he might take part in the Battle of Hastings re-enactment staged by English Heritage at Battle Abbey in October 1995.

Field Producer

Prince Valiant 1996 Constantin Films/Paramount:

A 20m feature film shot on 35mm and directed by Anthony Hickox.

Link to IMDB

Crowd Co-ordinator

Footsoldiers: Vikings 1997 Greystone Productions (USA):

A 50' programme for the A&E network in the US.

Field Producer


Footsoldiers: Barbarians 1997 Greystone Productions (USA):

A 50' programme for A&E network in the US.

Field Producer

Vikings: Warriors from the Sea 1998 Beckmann Productions:

A 55' documentary aimed at the home market.

Field Producer


The Lost Kingdom 1998 Westmoreland Films:

A 70mm film covering the life Urien of Rheged. Shot specifically for the IMAX screen at The Rheged Centre, near Penrith.

Link to IMDB

Crowd Co-ordinator

Nokia Spot 2000 Anotherbrothers Inc:

An in-house spot for Nokia which required opposing armies of Normans and Saxons as a backdrop.

Field Producer

Pals 2007 CAR Video Unit:

45' documentary concerning the ′Accrington Pals′ battalion of the East Lancashire Regiment during the Great War.

Link to Wikipedia entry for the Pals


Memories Of The Mills 2007 CAR Video Unit:

45' documentary concerning the heyday and decline of the Lancashire textile industry as told by those who worked within it.


The Valley of Stone 2009 CAR Video Unit:

12 short films documenting various aspects of the Rossendale quarrying and stone industries. Funded by Heritage Lottery and executed in conjunction with Groundwork Pennine Lancashire.

Series Producer


In 2001 Paul took a step back from historical re-enactment in order to re-skill himself in the fields of camera operation and video editing (primarily Avid). He has since fulfilled a number of freelance engagements as a camera operator and written, produced and directed a handful of short films (one of which was a finalist in the documentary section of the 2004 Exposures Film Festival).

In late 2005 Paul worked as the part-time Sponsorship Officer for Kinofilm, the Manchester International Short Film Festival. During his short stint there he secured the first headline sponsor in the festival’s ten year history – in the shape of Baby Cow Manchester.

Also from 2005 Paul has run the CAR Video Unit, a commnity film unit based in Rossendale, on a part-time basis. In addition to fulfilling various history-based projects for the Heritage Lottery Fund (and others), the Video Unit has produced films for a variety of third sector organisations and is now offering its services in the commercial sphere.

In 2009 Paul began working as a Development Producer with Lion Eyes TV